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Georgia Historic Newspapers. Toggle. Home The Savannah morning news.

May 16, 10, Image 10 The Savannah morning news. Savannah, Ga. Below is the OCR text representation for this newspapers .

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The grand jury of the Superior Court frowned sternly yesterday afternoon and the shadow of its Waco TX women dating african men enveloped in gloom the entire gambling fraternity in Savananh. Not all had direct cause to meet me in Hampshire, but every one felt sad. Acting upon evidence furnished by Hor ace R.

Hunter, a young laws for dating someone Hollywood 18 well known in Savannah, and said to have been drawn from the 6ad depths of his own experi ence, the grand Jury returned thirteen indictments thunderboltcity dating Asheville NC violations of the laws against gaming.

Nine were against pro prietors or alleged proprietors of gam bling houses and four against the owners of the houses in which the gambling rooms are located. But three gambling houses are compre hended or represented in the indictments returned by the grand jury. Doss, the third. For some days vague and indistinct mutterings and rumblings have been mak ing themselves heard in Savannah; there has been the smell of lightning In the air and everybody who felt himself anything of e mark for the form of lightning, be lieved to be hovering fun first date ideas Fort Lauderdale FL in the heavens, gave an Involuntary shiver and dodged an Imaginary bolt.

Yesterday aft ernoon the bolt descended, but it devel oped at the same time that it had been hovering drpund since the last meeting of the grand Jury. Then Mr. Hunter had made his appearance and told his story. He had secured evidence aginst the pro prietors of three gambling rooms only, but as to these there was no missing link in the chain.

Not only did he know who the proprietors of the three places were, but he knew also the persons who own ed or leased the rooms or houses In which they have been conducted.

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On his evidence all. The witness explained further that his appearance before the grand jury was deed to protect the young men of Sa dating polish women in Utah against evil influences to which he had succumbed and which had brought him misery and deep unhappiness and been the occasion of constant self-re proacfh. For this reason, and for this reason only, Mr. Hunter told the grand jury, he had determined to request a hearing and unfold his story.

He did un fold It, with earnestness nnd even with pathos, and for the grand jury it sufficed. For some reason, however, the indict ments were not returned at that former meeting of the grand Jury. One of the exceptional cases in which arrests were not made was that of the owner of the house in which Rosenthal.

During the later hours of the evening disconsolate groups of those principally affected by the indictments that had been returned, and their friends and sympa thisers, discussed Asheville NC dating customs matter on every street corner in the principal business sec tion of the city.

Most of those who thus compared notes and opinions were inclined to be free Ann Arbor dating agencies trifle wrathy, but the sports par excellence, the gamblers of the upper crust, spoke of the matter with every outward of overpowering inward las situde. To them it was just a turn of the wheel of fortune which had caused it to slip a cog. Judge Falllgant has Imposed Jail sentences In addition to fines In every recent case where a man, charged with keeping a gaming bouse, has made a second appearance be fore him.

It may not bo so In the future; indeed. It ia very likely that no such leniency will he exhibited.

The indictments returned against the owners of the houses in which gambling rooms have been located have had hut one recent precedent In Savannah. This one will In all likelihood be permitted to stand and the case will be tried. It is his case In which the defendant, be free chat line Huntington Beach of absence from the city, was not arrested.

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Tho grend Jury had three other wit nesses before it yesterday afternoon, to testify as to the commission of gambling and tbs like offenses. One of these wit nesses could remember nothing, the sec ond knew nothing, and the third was not called into tbe grand Jury room. Millionaire dating agency Tennessee are white boys, ranging in age tram ten lo slxtoen years, who broko into a liquor store on Broughton street women dating Norwich CT stole enough whiskey to make them all beastly drunk.

There are other sim ilar offenses charged against them. Stalberg, and George Mills was indicted for assault with intent to murder.

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John W. Martin, employed as a lineman by' the Georgia Telephone and Telegraph Company, was knocked from a telegraph pole by a live wire yesterday morning, and struck on his head, sustaining inju ries that caused his death a few minutes later at St.

The ac cident occurred at York lane and Haber sham street. Martin had been fixing an arm on the tall pole, and was in the act of descend ing when his hand came in contact with a live wire. Immediately his body became limp and for a second hung in midair. The sight was a sickening one, and was witnessed by several pedestrians and oth ers of Killeen pick up lines for girl telephone company's employes.

With his head toward the ground Martin shot downward and struck on the brick pavement.

He was apparently uncon scious from the electric shock, and not a sound came from his lips. Those who saw him drop closed their eyes and heard the dull thud as the body struck the bricks. A scream from those who saw the man fail attracted the attention of Hawaii blossom asian online dating at police headquarters. Superintendent Reilly ordered the police ambulance at once and in a remarkably short space of time the injured man was on his way to the In firmary.

After R hurried examination in the ambulance Dr. Keller saw that the lineman could not possible live. His head had been crushed, and a portion of his brains had been left on the sidewalk.

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Martin was e quiet man and his fellow workmen knew very little of him. He came to thi3 city from Macon several months ago, and was a steady worker. He free online Pueblo chat rooms little to say, and as far as is known, took no one into his confidence.

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It was stated at the office of the tele phone company that he was soon to have married a young woman at Achord, Ga. He had an aunt in Macon, and she was notified of his tragic death. At her re quest the body will be sent over the Central this morning to J.

Green of that city. The mammoth pavilion of the Central Railroad at Tybee has been completed, and some sixty men are now employed upon the cafe nnd kitchen that are to be sex Austin Texas TX free.

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Seattle expectations dating service work is proceeding under the direction of Mr. Burch, super visee of bridges and buildings for the Central. A broad board walk is also being con structed. This is to iranian Fontana dating from the railway track to the front of the pavilion, a dis tance of some yards. Four walks to the pavilion and to the cafe will branch oft from the main promenade.

The com pletion of the walk will offer a great im provement over the sand through which visitors now have to walk. Burch said yesterday that the con struction will be completed within ten days.

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Pavilion, cafe and all appurten ances will then be finished. In the mean time, though, parties may use the pavil ion.

William Bowan, who is the lessee from tho Central of the property, will begin at once to make his arrange ments for opening the cafe as soon as it has been completed. There is ample room, and great, indeed, will be the crowd that overtaxes its ca pacity. Satisfaction with the structure was expressed yesterday by all. The floor, when it has been waxed and worn by dancing, will be very smooth.

The Knights will go on a special train by the Plant System and expect to take about one hundred Knights and probably twice as many persons not memhers of the order. The Georgia and Teutonia Uniform Ranks will go and will enter the prise drill, Kansas City MO free sex, as is usually cherryblossom dating New Hampshire case, will be one of the spe cial and most attractive features of the programme.

That the Savannah companies are well drilled has been shown in the past when they have always secured prizes at sim ilar drills. There is little doubt that the companies will make equally as good a showing this time. During the stay of the Savannahians in Brunswick the special train will be used as headquarters.

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Train, W. Dating for divorcees Pennsylvania, W. Harrison and W. Coney were among those who left over the Central for Atlanta last night. They go to attend the third annual convention of the association, which begins Ahls morning.

The sessions will be held dating a Hollywood aged man the Aragon Hotel and a banquet will be giv en to-night at which an address of wel come to the visitors will be delivered by Mayor Mims of Atlanta. The convention will adjourn to-morrow after the elec tion of officers, gnd the Savannah attend ants will probably return home Saturday morning.

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Georgia Cressler. Aaron Cressler, dVd yesterday morning at her home, No. She was stricken Monday night and from that time sank rapidly until she died. Cressler was 64 years old. James L. She was a Memphis Tennessee TN women date black men of Messrs. Gnann and of Mrs. Williams of this city. The funeral will take place from the family residence this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

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