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We are open. What is a witch-hunt? When studying the history of witchcraft, it is Champaign IL geek dating to understand that witchcraft was a crime created and imposed on innocent people.

No individual actually had the power to cause hailstorms, spread mass disease, or fly through the night to a gathering of evil beings. This was a crime imposed on innocent people during times of mass fear and hysteria.

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While the legal prosecution of witchcraft came to an end in the eighteenth century, the pattern of behavior that caused witch-hunts can be identified throughout history and in the modern day. In our second exhibit, Witches: Evolving Perceptions, we present a formula that can be used to describe the pattern of behavior responsible for sparking witch-hunts, with examples from through the twentieth-century. A scapegoat is defined as a person dating agencies for Frederick MD is unfairly or irrationally the object of blame.

Over the years, many of our visitors have made suggestions to our staff, offering examples of what they feel qualify as an instance of a witch-hunt.

History & social science

Since Augustwe have been asking our visitors to fill out this formula with examples they believe fit this pattern, and to submit these suggestions to our museum. This web is a place to share these examples. Within this project, our Department of Education is currently actively imputing and updating these s so as to display as many submissions as we are given, in their entirety, without alteration or interpretation. The goal of this project is to give our public a voice to interact with the concept of a witch-hunt. Please note, the views and opinions best NJ to meet girls on the witch-hunt website are those of our visitors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Salem Witch Museum.

You may view these examples month to month, or thematically by scapegoat. If you wish to add a submission, please example into the blank spaces below. Trump placing blame somewhere that is not himself for not acting upon what he knew about free party lines in Vancouver Virus. Witch Hunts. Search Witch Hunts by Date Submissions may be viewed month to month by selecting a date below. Asian Americans. Safety Threaten.

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First Case Cov in China. Chinese and Asian Community. Unusual or Different Leadership Qualities. Conspiracy Theories. Left Thinkers and Pasadena TX dating scams Thinkers. Recession Economic. Marginalized Immigrants. The Devil. Bridget Bishop. Mass Immigration. Michigan Governor Whitmer. A virus. Non compliant people. Minorities Rise. Donald Trump. Latino Community. Inability to pay bills.

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Rich people and government. Celebrity Culture. Social Media. Muslim Community.

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Black Community. Different Behavior. Asian Community. Joe Biden. Crazy People are a Threat to Life. Person with Mental Illness in Crisis. Outbreak in Asia. September Having a sexual preference that doesn't include lgbtq. Straight people. Middle Easterners. Chinese Americans.

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Capital Storming. White Men. Using sicknesses to cure sicknesses. Enforcing Anti-vaxxers to vaccinate.

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Public Speaking. Religious people. Keyshawn C. Interacting with aggressive animals. Kid falling into gorilla habitat. White, people lacking color. Ann S. Covid Not Getting Into College. Virtual Learning. Joseph G. Too Varna IL hookups illegal immigrants in the country. Invasion of Poland. German People. Online learning. Mudar A. Gun violence. Black people. Patrick C. Being controlled by the government. Articles saying vaccines could have chips in them.

The government. Drug cartel. Satanic Ritual Abuse. Sexual Abuse in Daycare Agencies. Brayden C. Specific incidents. Betrayal and communism. Hitler and war Propaganda. Jewish People. Men being "entitled" to sex. Japanese Power. Pearl Harbor.

Japanese Americans. Government Control. School Shootings.

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Pit bull attack. Abuse of pit bull.

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Ban pit bulls. Beatles Breaking Up. Complications Between Beatles.