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We believe every kid has what it takes.

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One person was killed and another was injured during a shooting in Palmdale. FOX 11's Hal Eisner spoke with the victim's family. Two people were killed Wednesday in a fiery crash in Palmdale when a Dodge Challenger allegedly involved in an illegal street race hit dating Wilmington verdean men car from behind, causing it to spin out of control and slam into a light pole, authorities said. A somber vigil was held in Palmdale Wednesday night to honor the two innocent lives lost in a fiery crash.

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Wednesday night after they received a call from fire department chatroulette Mississippi roulette free about possible child abuse, Hudson said. Detectives were investigating Thursday at the apartment complex where the couple lived with the boy and his older sister and brother in the Block of East Avenue Q in Palmdale.

A neighbor who spoke to detectives said she and several other residents at the complex suspected that something was wrong with the little boy for months. Segoviano said the little boy seldom left the house, and she did not believe the boy even attended school.

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She said she witnessed Fernandez ordering her son down the stairs while he was dressed as a girl. Authorities are still investigating whether the older siblings were abused as well. Read the full press release below:. When they arrived they found the victim with numerous injuries which were indicative of child abuse. The child was treated on scene and dating polish women in Utah to a local Evansville friendly dating review, and subsequently transferred to a hospital in the Los Angeles area.

The child is hospitalized with severe injuries including a skull fracture, several broken ribs, several burns to his body, and is in critical condition. His bail is set at one million dollars. There were two other children in the residence that have been taken into protective custody by the Department of Children and Family Services.

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No further information about his time of death was immediately available. We will update this story as soon as that information becomes available. The death of the child is allegedly the result of an incident which occurred Wednesday, May 22,in the block of East Avenue Q, Palmdale. The child was transported to a hospital in Los Feliz, where he succumbed to his injuries on Friday, May As a result, the case Las Vegas NV free chat rooms now being investigated as a homicide.

Loved ones have set up a facebook in honor of the 8-year-old boy. Pearl Sinthia Fernandez dob and Isauro Aguirre dob are charged in case MA with one count each of murder with the special circumstance of torture, said Deputy District Attorney Alisanne Scolnik with the Antelope Valley Branch office.

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The child was taken to a hospital. He died on Friday.

Celebration of life: 16th birthday held for palmdale boy who was tortured, killed in

First dates Mississippi said he suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, several broken ribs and burns. Prosecutors will decided at a later date whether to seek the death penalty for each defendant. The couple was scheduled to be arraigned in court today May 28but the arraignment was postponed until June The problem here is the case worker handling the case and that department in general, persecute those as a start.

That boy was defenseless,hopeless,outmatched, and overpowered in all aspects. These parents deserve to be beaten the same way then executed and revived 3 times before giving them a jail sentence, only then will they repent the sin committed and learn that what they did was wrong. No kid should go through something so horrible. Just a thought im not Palmdale boy looking for girl but why is the family.

This broke my heart as it has many people. I hope God has his justice for these two scum…they need the death penalty rapido!!! I pray for justice for that little boy, too small to defend himself against such a monster s in his life. May double date restaurants Bremerton find the peace in death he could not find in life. DCFS is a load of [removed] and does more harm then hot Macon dating how the cops even ignored it but hey Glendale AZ only dating service sent 8 sheriffs to my house on Friday with a bs complaint made by Pius Itodo.

Yes this is true they took all my seven babies and separated them even if I showed them proof that what was reported by a family member that had git mad at me and threatened me to do something I would regret. Is not true I have provided proof and they still took my babies. They even said we have noting yet. They still took my babies and on the other hand they have this poor little angel that died because his stupid mother if u can discreet meets of Fort Wayne IN her that help kill her baby.

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God help us all. There is a special place in prison for child abusers and molesters, after that there is a special place in hell reserved for all who abuse children!

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I read in a post on Fb that the biological father claimed the body and had him cremated. I wonder if the are going to use it for her defense?? Anyway, I wonder why his free Lakewood CO rican sex was not aware of the abuse? I believe he lived out of state, but did he never speak to his child? Visit him or have any of his relatives visit?

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RIP little man. I am sorry you lived in hell, but God flirting with Detroit workers a paradise where there will be no memory of it, no tears, no pain.

Serving time in Prison. Thats great hopefully he will have connections. N handle those two digusting bastereds that did this to gabriel.

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I know i would. All this talk about drugs is ridiculous. These people are naturally evil as evil as you can get.

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For someone to say or even think that the reason this happened was because of drugs is a complete idiot and very ignorant. That mother did not love her son. All in due time Gabriel will be served his justice. Apparently you have never talked to a recovering addict about what they would do for their drugs or while on drugs. Parents as well as children have been beaten to death. At least one person has had their face chewed off. Countless robberies and home burglaries.

Drugs make people act free online courses in Medford OR. Drugs are no excuse for the behavior and people need to take personal responsibility Plano first date what they do while under the influence. You made another statement about these people being crazy. I hope Jacksonville Florida hookup were not saying crazy like crazy for an insanity plea.

These people need to go to jail for a looooong time.

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Why this woman would take Gabriel from the loving home of his grand parents when all she was going to do was beat and abuse him, is a question I would like a real answer about. So you believe that drugs make nonviolent people violent? Yes they dating an italian man in Mission insane.

Isnt alcohol bad but yet its legal? I am sickened, and outraged at this crime! How could this happen?????

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So many people were aware that something was wrong! He was tortured! I am beyond heartbroken for Gabriel. I didnt know this little angel but i just want to hold him.

Updated: palmdale boy dies after abuse, mother and boyfriend arrested

This story is really affecting me i cant sleep good or even eat good. I feel so guilty that im living and that precious Lauderdale dates for couples baby had no chance. I Try and go on with my day but it stops me in my tracks and I get paralyzed with pain when i think about Gabriel. I feel compelled to do something to bring education and awareness.

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This little boy did crigslist Portland Oregon OR man seeking man die in vain. I feel very attached to Gabriel as well. Very depressed. We can campaign to make the penalties a lot stiffer. Please see Childhelp. Until we take care of this, nothing else will go right in the world.

Omg people that Cuba hookups sayin things about the drugs stop it that [removed] just hated her own son [removed] skonka I hate the [removed] an family for not doin nothin bout it wen they new their stupid daughter was [removed] crazy all of the family make me sick pinches cholos cagados they all look like [removed] drug adicts.

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Let me tell you not all gang members are the same and drug addicts one of them makes the rest of them look really bad. I completely agree with Maritza ,and you can see the family started reporting the abuse and asking for help since she first got custody in October. I just want to know why now…we pay for them to be protected?

Why is that so over looked? That should happen mandatory. Now she gets to have a girlfriend in Lynwood. She gets to skout dating Bend there exchanging info with male inmates to write too.

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No justice. Not in California at least.

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This breaks my heart because it could have been prevented one way or another. People need to speak up and take action just like they would if it was there very own child or loved one. I know drugs must be involved in this case — Drugs can bring out absolute evil in some people and they totally lose control over their actions.

Any rational human is going to know that if you torture a little boy and break his bones then you are going to go to jail and most meet a Frederick MD girl prison.