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The liberal fantasy of having U. And while the push for D. It is not as overt as when U. The fantasy of granting Puerto Rico statehood just so the Senate can have more Democratic senators rather than as an acknowledgment of the fact that Puerto Ricans are and always should have been Fontana CA women black men dating partners in the American experiment speak to exactly what colonialism is all about: the patronizing attitude that white, mainland Americans' political priorities are of greater importance than those of the people who live there, and that they generally know better than the people who do live there, who don't need to decide what they want.

In the same election, the only pro-statehood candidate, Pedro Pierluisi, got only 33 percent of the votewhich was enough to make him the governor-elect, but hardly a majority.

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Candidates backing independence also gained in the statehouse, strongly suggesting that the seeming "majority" for statehood is hardly as wide a sentiment as the vote count would suggest. One reason might be meet polish women in Henderson while technically a vote against the question "Should Puerto Rico be admitted immediately into the Union as a state? Voter information campaigns can do a lot, but better-worded ballot questions would actually measure voter sentiment a lot better.

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Where does that leave Puerto Ricans — and Tyler TX dateing services mainland Americans who suddenly want us to be a state in their union? Statehood is not even a real possibility: Admitting new states requires that both chambers of Congress pass legislation and that it be ed by the president, an unlikely scenario in a Senate led by McConnell, who has said several times that statehood for D.

Beyond that, while polls indicate that Puerto Ricans in Florida heavily favored statehoodthose voters didn't carry the day in that state for Biden.

March 13,

Puerto Ricans in Pennsylvania did help deliver the state to the president-elect, but Puerto Ricans in the Northeast including in New York tend to my best friends Spartanburg SC online free more anti-statehood ; many who left Puerto Rico in the middle of the 20th century tended to support independence.

In addition, two members of Congress of Puerto Rican heritage, Reps. Real liberals and progressives should take note of all of these dynamics, instead of talking about how Puerto Ricans are American citizens and deserve a state that would also deliver the Senate to Democrats.

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For all the sympathy and support that Puerto Rico has received since Hurricane Maria, the progressive push for statehood is a cynical play, not a supportive move. By pushing for Puerto Rican statehood to benefit themselves, mainland liberals are making Puerto Rico a political pawn findsomeone dating Hawaii again. President-elect Joe Biden, at least, seems to understand some of these dynamics.

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At a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Central Florida in September, he said"I happen to believe that statehood would be the most effective means of ensuring that residents of Puerto Rico are treated equally," and immediately added, "But the people of Puerto Rico must decide, and the United States federal government must benefits of dating a Macon GA girl and act on that decision.

For the last years, mainland, white Americans have showed up with all the supposed answers; Puerto Rico is still a colony.

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Let Puerto Ricans decide for themselves what we want to do and who we want to be. Once we do, we will act and let you all know.

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Share this —. Follow think. Opinion Puerto Rico, not Congress, must determine its future. Our bill enables it do so. Julio Ricardo Varela.