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Fort Collins women are now free to walk down the street without a shirt meet people from other Detroit — not that they necessarily plan to. District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson granted an injunction Wednesday halting a Fort Collins ordinance that prohibited women from showing their breasts in public, saying it discriminated against women and perpetuated stereotypes that sexualized female breasts.

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Editor's note: This story about Justin Timberlake's first Super Bowl halftime performance was published in Timberlake will again be performing at the Super Bowl this season. Here's what they'll see: Janet Jackson on a stage in the middle of Houston's Reliant Stadium, wearing a leather kilt and bustier, surrounded by dancers in corsets and bikini tops and bowler hats and helmets, looking like a ragtag steampunk army of cabaret chorus girls and Highlander extras and BDSM enthusiasts. They're grinding their hips, Janet is caressing her corseted torso and 71, Swinger Jackson MS free Bowl spectators are screaming themselves hoarse for the beatboxing of a year-old white boy.

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A decade ago this week, 90 million people glimpsed a teensy bit more of Janet Jackson than they were expecting. Daytime soap operas toned down steamier storylines as producers were replaced and FCC commissioners called for a reevaluation of their standards. But Jackson and Timberlake also changed how the country experiences live television events like the Super Bowl itself. Here are what academics have come up with for three of the older dating online Rockford IL impacts of the most infamous exposure in pop-culture history.

Best free dating Tallahassee true legacies of scandals live on in our language, which has anointed controversies both political and cultural with their own -gate suffix ever since the original Watergate scandal in the early s.

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Loyola Marymount University professor Lawrence A. Wenner men dating Glendale AZ women in a article from the Journal of Sport Management that this particular Super Bowl wasn't just the first bowl game be a subject of federal indecency investigations and congressional hearings—it was also "the first to bring the words nipple shield into many a family discussion.

That honor goes to "wardrobe malfunction," coined by Justin Timberlake in his formal apology.

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Sincewardrobe malfunction has come to ify all sorts of fashion flubs and faux pas: As vice president Grant Barrett explained to me overobserved usage of the phrase has not only included references to accidental and intentional exposures, but also references to ugly outfits and unfashionable get-ups. And for celebrities looking for relevance—as some argued Jackson's infamous nip slip was all about—having a wardrobe malfunction might be a means to a helpful career boost.

Looking at a range of malfunctions from televised events and musical festivals, the researchers found that each incident caused a ificant spike in search traffic that, in some cases, lasted as long as three weeks. For starters, uproar over the vegetarian dating Iowa took the attention away from theirwhich usually have a second life in news outlets' next-day Super Bowl analysis.

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With lots and lots of animals. A handful of were outright banned from airing.

Judge ruled the city ordinance discriminated against women and perpetuated sexualization of breasts

A commercial featuring a shot of Mickey Rooney's bare behind as he dropped a towel in a sauna didn't make the cut. Ford Lincoln Mercury withdrew its ad in which a priest lusts over someone dating in Sacramento California CA car in a manner that some interpreted the clip as implying misconduct by the priest.

The most interesting bannedhowever, weren't the ones of questionable taste following Nipplegate, but the ones that directly acknowledged or alluded to the year's scandal—and were punished for it.

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One rejected Bud Light ad featured a halftime show stage-hand using Jackson's outfit to pop the cap of a beer bottle, accidentally ripping the outfit and causing the malfunction. Another, for domain registrar GoDaddy. Though she no longer speaks publicly on the topic, Jackson had always insisted the reveal was an accident: She said she and Timberlake planned an unapproved, last-minute addition to the routine that would feature him, in the spirit of his "Rock Your Body" lyrics, ripping off part of her outfit to reveal a red bra.

But while some viewers still peg Jackson as a publicity-stunt mastermind, Shannon L. Holland of Dating Champaign IL girls in University has argued that pop culture unfairly and bigotedly absolved Timberlake of his involvement.

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In a study for the journal Women's Studies in CommunicationHolland argues that the disparity in the media's treatment of Jackson and Timberlake reinforced long-standing stereotypes date a Colorado man black female sexuality. She suggests the vilification of Jackson in the media followed the tradition of "the jezebel" stereotype, a characterization of black women as voluptuous and sexually insatiable that was historically used by white slave owners to justify abuse of female slaves.

Ten years ago, 90 million people watching super bowl xxxviii saw janet jackson's breast for nine-sixteenths of a second. our culture would never be the same.

Holland analyzed news article about the Super Bowl controversy and found that more than half of the stories only mentioned Timberlake's involvement in passing, while a third of them didn't even mention Timberlake's role in Huntington love match search reveal at all.

The stories instead emphasized the nakedness of Jackson's breast and relied on passive language to describe the exposure, as if Jackson herself pulled her top off, or as if her breast had a mind of its own. One notable example came from The Washington Postwhere Tony Kornheiser wrote, "What Janet Jackson did was bizarre, deliberately flopping out of her costume like that. While date hook up Lakeland in than two-thirds of the articles referenced the incident as a publicity stunt for Jackson, few articles acknowledged what motivations Timberlake might have had for taking part in it, too—mainly, that he was still trying to shed his boy-band image following his solo-artist debut.

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Associating with Meetic Haven dating was one way to try and achieve that, and not just at the Super Bowl: Timberlake and his team had been deliberately coy about the dating rumors between the two performers when they collaborated for his album, Justified.

Analyzing the wording of newspaper articles as Holland does may strike some as nitpicky, but a study from Stanford University suggests that subtle linguistic cues about action and agency do affect perceptions of blame and appropriate punishment. Some participants were also shown Merced chat rooms free video, either before or after reading the written .

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But is it really so strange? After all, the researchers and professors behind the studies are doing what so many Super Shreveport LA women and dating fans did 10 years ago: pausing, rewinding, and trying to figure out whatever the hell just happened.

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