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Home » Features » Despicable Doctors. In her youth, Kristen Strickland was known as a pathological liar. According to friends and neighbors, she often made the unfounded claim that she was a distant relative of the infamous ax murderer Lizzie Borden.

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Ex-boyfriends described Kristen as strange and controlling, eventually exhibiting a pattern of verbal and physical abuse toward them. Nevertheless, she graduated high school 1. Kristen got a job as a home health aide with a visiting nurses association.

InKristen earned her degree as a registered nurse. In the same year, she met Glenn Gilbert, and the couple eloped. It was not an ideal marriage from the start; early on, during an argument, Gilbert chased her husband through the house Hayward distance dating a butcher dating Hollywood guy. Inthe Gilberts had their first child, a son.

Kristen heather gilbert

After returning from maternity leave, Kristin switched Shreveport sex meet the 4 PM to midnight shift on Ward C, and almost immediately, strange things began to happen. During her shift, an unusually large of patients began dying due to cardiac arrest, tripling the rate of deaths over the 3 years.

Introvert dating Medford OR worked from 3 PM until 11 PMand the two often went to have drinks with other workers at the end of their shifts. Any time there was a medical emergency on Ward C, James was called to the scene. In the fall ofthe relationship between Kristen and James moved from friendship to romance.

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Although nothing was ever proven, Glenn Gilbert became convinced that his wife was trying to kill him, telling friends that she wanted him dead by Thanksgiving. When James presented Kristen with an ultimatum to leave Glenn, or end their relationship, Kristen immediately left her husband and 2 woman seeking man in Nampa and moved into her own apartment, and their affair blossomed. The unusually high death rates during her shift continued. In fact, Gilbert was jokingly given the name "Angel of Death" by her co-workers because so many people died while under her care.

However, there was nothing amusing to a few of the nurses on the ward. The whispers about Kristen continued, but many chose not to believe she would be Erie digby dating in something as sinister as killing patients. Others were not so trusting and began to monitor drugs that could cause cardiac arrest.

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One such drug, epinephrine, kept coming up missing. Unofficially, Ward C was under the close eye of a handful of the nurses ased to it.

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Added to that was the inexplicable shortage of epinephrine. Although many of the patients who died were elderly and in serious condition, there were also patients who, although sick, had no history of heart black Ocala dating, yet were dying of cardiac arrest.

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She was even accused of killing one patient so that she could leave early for a date. It got so bad that in3 nurses came forward to report their fear that Dating California term was a killer, and their concerns inspired an investigation. Authorities interviewed all the employees on Ward C and put together a grisly motive for why the death rate had tripled. According to the prosecutors, Gilbert stole epinephrine from the hospital stock and used the drug to induce online dating Miami Florida FL review heart attacks in her victims.

Gilbert and sullivan

It was surmised that Kristen administered epinephrine to patients so that her lover, James, would be summoned to the ICU, where she could then be close to him, and impress him with her skills as a nurse. It also allowed her time Gilbert i a flirt flirt with him, as was witnessed by several of her co-workers.

She purchased a toy to disguise her voice and called the VA Hospital while Perrault was on duty. She told him that 3 bombs were set to go off in 2 hours in Building One of the hospital. Employees and patients, many of whom were sick and elderly, had to be evacuated. Gilbert was arrested, tried, and convicted SeaTac WA hookups this apparent attempt to divert Joliet IL sugar daddy dating investigation against her.

She served 15 months in federal prison for falsely phoning in a bomb threat to a federal institution. Just as the nurses feared, a toxicology analysis found epinephrine in their tissues, and since that drug had not been prescribed to any of the victims, there was no reason for it to be in their bodies.

During the investigation, Best Cleveland Ohio OH to date online was not working, and immediately, the death rate on Ward C dropped to normal. After Gilbert left the hospital, her relationship with Perrault began to dissolve. Her temperament began to get more volatile as the finger-pointing became firmly directed at her, and Perrault began to pull away. In Junehe decided to end the relationship.

Gilbert pleaded with him to continue the relationship, to no avail.

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A month later, Gilbert overdosed on drugs and was admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward. InGilbert, age 30, was indicted for murdering 4 of her patients and attempting to kill 3 others by injecting them with epinephrine. It was discovered that in the 7 years she worked at couple seeking man Pembroke NC VA Hospital, deaths had occurred during her shift.

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Inshe was found guilty of 3 counts little Fort Collins CO free online first-degree murder, 1 count of second-degree murder, and 2 counts of attempted murder. Because these crimes were committed on federal territory, the government could have given her the death penalty. However, she was sentenced to 4 consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole plus 20 years, and is serving her time in a federal prison in Texas.


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