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Wednesday to reflect the full amount of money the city of Fort Collins Scottsdale AZ dating new on the lawsuit. Language barring women and girls over age 10 from exposing their breasts in public will officially disappear from city code Sept.

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But the ban has been unenforceable since Februarywhen a district court judge ruled it violated the 14th Amendment because it applied only to women. That left Fort Collins with the option of pursuing a hearing before the U. Supreme Court, although there was no guarantee the meet women in Abilene TX court would agree to review the case.

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City Council voted in May to stop defending the contested portion of the ordinance in court. About eight people, including two pastors and former City Council member and mayor Ray Martinez, encouraged council to keep the language.

Martinez said council should continue defending the topless ban because a Supreme Dating agencies for Asheville decision on the case would have national ificance.

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They said they fear the ordinance change would make it legally defensible for women to expose their breasts in schools or places of worship. Deputy City Attorney John Duval said representatives of churches, schools and other institutions are entitled Killeen TX cyber dating ask people to leave buildings, and those individuals can be cited for trespassing if they refuse.

Fort Collins resident Paul Vencel said he would feel sexually harassed if he saw a topless woman in public.

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State law prohibits women from publicly exposing their breasts with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of another person. Summers, Mayor Wade Troxell and council member Susan Gutowsky said they agree with the community members who urged them to continue fighting for the topless ban, but they said the door on the legal defense has already closed.

Gutowsky, who voted with Troxell and Summers in May to continue defending the topless ban, said the case had implications for other communities throughout the U. While communities in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Danbury girls dating black men and Oklahoma are bound to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, other appeals courts have reached different conclusions in similar cases.

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Jacy Marmaduke covers government ability for the Coloradoan. Follow her on Twitter jacymarmaduke.

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Fort Collins erases topless ban that inspired 'Free the Nipple' lawsuit. Jacy Marmaduke The Coloradoan.

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