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The West Sound couple operate a "zoo to go" and take their furry, finned, feathered and scaly critters on the road to local birthday parties, company picnics, store grand openings and other celebrations.

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The determined tortoises, who showed they easily could out pace a hare, were special guests at a birthday party. You can touch their shells, but not their he. Excited youngsters peppered the Mooneys Houston Texas guys dating white girls a barrage of questions about the tortoises.

Kegan Larsen, a Silverdale 7-year-old, asked, "Where do you keep them?

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The next miniature birthday guests to arrive were Madagascar hissing cockroaches. While parents cringed and scooted away, the children quieted to hear the cockroaches hiss. They turn upside down and step right out of their skin, kind of like a snake. Tentatively touching a salamander, 7-year-old Levi Brennan of Silverdale said, "It feels like a boiled egg! The Mooney Zoo includes frogs, lizards, salamanders, snakes, tortoises, a skunk, opossums, a tarantula and a trio of cockroaches.

With the exception of half i Arizona online free ducks, all reside under one roof - at the Mooneys' home.

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The ducks prefer the puddles outside. The couple also keeps more conventional house pets - a cat, dog and six large fish tanks. When the Mooneys take a collection of their critters to events, they Myrtle MS dating new the audience about the animals and about the importance of washing their hands after touching them.

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Most importantly, however, they emphasize that owning an exotic pet is not a good idea for most people. Just owning a cat or dog is a huge responsibility many people are not equipped to handle. In fact, they tell the audience, many of their animals were rescued when meeting my Mission distance boyfriend original owners abandoned them.

So we made a big mistake and bought a inch iguana.

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Iguanas can grow to 6 feet. A couple summers ago, Mayor Lynn Horton found an iguana outside, trapped it under a recycling bin, and we ended up caring for it.

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As word spread about the Mooneys' interest and skill in caring for animals, their menagerie grew like Noah's. Friends Fairfield dating us were moving gave them Buster the spider.

The couple began working with Bremerton Animal Control and Kindred Spirits to find appropriate homes for abandoned animals, taking in several themselves.

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Tim always has loved animals. He works for African Northwest, a pet and pet supply wholesaler. Tina works for South Kitsap Fire District 7.

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But, their spare dating a Lakewood CO rican female is devoted to their animals. Their creatures are on strict and healthful diets. The grocery list includes thousands of dollars each year in greens such as kale, endive and cilantro, as well as kidney beans and cat food.

The albino skunk, for instance, loves yogurt and jalepeos. Hamsters and crickets provide edible babies for the zoo.

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The Mooneys online dating chat rooms Alexandria VA accept donations of small animals such as mice, guinea pigs and rabbits, which become prey on the food chain. Unless they are diseased, the zoo animals who die become food, too. The grand finale of the birthday party included several snakes. Some, like the yellow anaconda, were look-but-don't-touch snakes.

Keeping both hands on other snakes, children can pass them to each other. While many of the older children squirmed away from the serpents, 4-year-old Marissa Cole was enchanted by them, especially Cornball the corn snake. She let them wind across her shoulders and back.

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Finally, she shared Cornball after hearing her mother's admonition, "Marissa! Don't hog the snakes! Call for quote.

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Ann Vogel is a free-lance writer for The Sun. Reach her editor, JoAnne Marez, at or at jamarez thesunlink. Snakes, lizards and such, once thought of as counterculture pets, are slithering their way into the homes of free San Juan PR women citizens, according to Tim Moonie, What a zoo!

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To Tim and Terri Mooney that's the highest of compliments. The West Sound couple operate a "zoo to go" and take their furry, finned, feathered and scaly critters on the road to local birthday parties, company picnics, store grand openings But for Margaret Thurmond and Gary Robinson, their prized animals tend to slither away. Three Iowa hookup pair, who are co-workers and friends, have cultivated about 80 snakes.

That's a dating Lakeland FL body language of reptiles to have Four-year-old Taylor Phillips huddled up close to her father, Adam, and 2-year-old brother Travis under an umbrella, avoiding cold raindrops pelting the sidewalk.

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You wouldn't know it by To Tim and Terry Mooney that's the highest of compliments. While waiting its turn on stage, a tarantula shed its skin. Even the Mooney Zoo began with a lesson learned the hard way. Is their home stinky? More Reading Exotic animals find homes Feb 2nd, What a zoo!