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American Policy Resented Abroad. Train Kills Elevated Trackman.

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These are actual words you might hear from a conductor on the newest train to come to -- and leave -- Philadelphia, all in one motion. The details surrounding the arrival of the Atlantic City Express Service Aces Train are awful nebulous, so nebulous that its brand new web site notes that it's "offered and operated by NJ Transit" but tells you to "book your trip through Amtrak.

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That's a lot of nebulae! Another minor detail missing from both the Aces web site and the AP report is that this express train from New York to Atlantic City makes its express run not down the Atlantic coast they share, but across the Professional dating agencies Hickory River twice and through Northeast Philadelphia. It is minor, yes, but it's worth a passing observation from our city who could certainly use additional train service i need a date to a Chicago Illinois IL there will be a new train in date asian Asheville NC. A shuttle bus transports riders from the terminal between Borgata, Harrah's and Caesars once you're in AC.

Even for as effective as NJT is, there's no way, no how, a new line would ever connect the two; it would cost billions and it would require precious shore real estate that will never ever ever be relinquished for public transit.

I'd say to go check out the Aces web site for additional details like, say, the fare, which is "coming soon"but it seems those won't be available until the first train departs one week from today, February 6. There is, however, plenty of sexual innuendo -- "I'll give you a ride you'll never forget", "there's a good chance someone will get lucky" -- and plenty of flashy Flash graphics with all the edge of orange people who dating asian ladies in Nebraska Swingers and work ed on Wall Street that would have probably rented out the VIP lounge before Wall Street tanked.

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Merrill Lynch still might. Check it all out at Acestrain. Gambling problem? At least locally it is.

Chances are you've seen the posters, or if nothing else web sitefor Amtrak's Keystone Line with the grotesque monsters depicting the worst of drivers. Be scared of monster drivers, ride the train instead. I digress. Amtrak survived the Bush administration, so it will be interesting to see the direction it goes under Obama and Biden, that champion of the agency.

On the Keystone, I'm surprised Amtrak hasn't started offering an express between Philly and Harrisburg, with maybe one stop in Lancaster. No offense to the fine folks in Parkesburg and Mount To meet in the Miami Florida, but there are ten locals each way through these towns to choose from. Surely four of those could be made express.

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PHL-HAR right now is an hour and 40 minute ride; eliminate all the stops but Lancaster and you're looking at about an hourlong ride between the state's biggest city and its capital. Lots of museums, state government buildings, a nice riverfront park on the Susquehanna, summertime minor league baseball on City Island. Governor Rendell??? What a show.

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Garth Hudson just kills that saxophone, and Richard Manuel makes us miss him just a little more. Go 'head boys. Lordy lordy, Patco's 40!

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On Sunday, February Cedar Rapids IA casual hookup, the Patco Speedline will celebrate its 40th anniversary with as yet undetermined events. Psst, you've got two weeks to work that all out, guys. As Peter Mucha reported in Wednesday's InquirerPatco is asking for riders who were there at the onset to share stories and photos as part of the celebration.

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This transit line began in as a simple Bridge Line, from 8th Street across the Delaware into Camden, grown out of the commission that built the Delaware River Bridge. Forty years later, the Speedline still operates from Center City to Lindenwold. It added one stop between the two in and it's free speed dating Huntington Beach more service, but it hasn't expanded. It's got its Philly-side Delaware Avenue consideration and the 55 Freeway option to Glassboro and Millville, but as of Februarythose are just ideas.

But February is also a fair milestone for what does exist, the well used, well liked Speedline. Happy 40th, Patco! This building's lifespan is barely more than half the average human's lifespan, and arenas like this are built to last.

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The Big Five's great and if I'd have gone to a Grannies seeking sex in Detroit Michigan school, I may have a greater interest, but as it stands, I only focus my attention there for March Madness. No big whoop, the good schools have their rabid fans, and everyone hates Duke even if they don't watch basketball. I will, though, give Duke and Kentucky the nod for the greatest game I ever did watch, and what do you know, it happened right here in South Philly at that same Spectrum.

But last night, 23rd ranked Villanova made sure they sent the Spectrum's college basketball days out with a bang, Pembroke dating girl number a huge victory over 3rd ranked Pitt.

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The Palestra which is 72 years old, by the by is the Cathedral -- no one will deny that -- but the Spectrum had a nice run. The '76 and '81 Final Four incidentally, both won by IndianaChristian Laettner's perfect night and buzzer beater off the full court pass from freshman Grant Hill, a ton of Big Five and A10 games. I don't women Cincinnati Ohio OH men dating why this building has to be torn down.

It seems to make no goddamn sense.

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They want to build Philly Live! No beef with that. Oh, and there's the little economy thing. Rich Hofmann reported for Tuesday's Daily News that Ed Snider is looking to have a Spectrum demolition party on New Year's Eve, in spite of his admission that "the timing of the project is dependent on the economy.

There's not quite enough parking at the Sports Complex; funny the Spectrum is the closest venue of the bunch to the Broad Street Subway. This web site has long called for demolitions to be parties. They may be cause for nostalgia, but that doesn't mean that meet native Haven KS woman can't have the spirit of "if you can't beat em, em" and clink a pint with a cheer as the dynamite blasts and the building falls Iowa dating online service on itself.

They have parties in Atlantic City room dating place in Davenport Vegas; why not here? So I'll give Ed a plus for wanting a party. But why? Why does it have to come down?

The Phantoms still play there and have yet to relocate. The Kixx god bless em -- they're not only a soccer team, but they play indoor soccer still play there. Concerts are still held there. The Spectrum's setup for music is far better than the cavernous Wachovia Center, presumably to be renamed Wells Fargo Center any day now.

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The Dead played the Spectrum 53 times and two more if you want to count the outrageously priced Garcia-less Dead, who are playing two nights there in May. Their banner still hangs in the rafters, strange because Bruce Springsteen's and Billy Joel's were moved over to the Center. Can't have no acid eating hippies in the executive boxes, can we? The Doors released a live album recorded there.

Phish played there nine times, including one of the greatest concerts I've ever witnessed. So hot Atlantic IA t want to meet your daddy feels like a sauna. So crowded the causeways feel like a cattle chute. I overheard two girls talking, in Villanova gear who presumably came in with the caravan of yellow school buses of students from the Main Line: "why did they play [this game] here?

Why didn't they just have it at the Center? Damn it. Nostalgic as I can be, setting foot inside the Spectrum and comparing it against what you know at the Wachovia Center, or the new Devils arena in Newark, or even Lubbock i a flirt old Madison Square Garden, you kinda know why Ed wants to knock it down.

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It hurts to say that. And like the Shirt Corner, who's going to put up the fight to save the place, making the case that it needs to stay for the Phantoms and Kixx and monster truck jams and occasional concerts?

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Christian effin Laettner? America's Showplace is on its way out, and there isn't much anyone can find friends online Fairfield free about it. How ridiculous would it be for the Spectrum to be demolished and have the land sit empty like so many Disney Holes in South Philly waiting for the economy to recover?

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It could happen. As old as Ed Snider is he turned 76 earlier this monthhe could be dead by the time Philly Live! So we might as well do our part and send the place off with the bang Ed's giving us. The Nova-Pitt free dirt Salinas last night was a great one; when Scottie Reynolds drilled a three over Pitt stud DeJuan Blair, the place was louder than I've ever heard any indoor arena. Villanova ran the table in the second half and made Pitt look silly. Bruce Springsteen is playing twice at the end of April and the Garcia-less Dead are right after that.

The Sixers -- that team with one of the worst girls looking for sex in South Bend IN in the NBA they were worst earlier this season, but Minnesota, Sacramento and Memphis have dropped them to fourth -- have a special 3 Game Spectrum Planwhich gets you one 'last historic game' at the Spectrum, not the three games you purchased.

The Flyers? The team that won two Stanley Cups on this ice played one whole preseason game at the Spectrum to send it off. From here out, it's Remember the Spectrum. According to the edition of Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the Cityprepared by John Andrew Gallery and published by the Foundation for Architecture, Lits is the only complete block of commercial Victorian architecture in the city.