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Please leave this field empty. The need to protect young people cannot be overstated, but the laws meant to shelter young people in Pennsylvania are complicated and can have very real and harsh consequences. If you are caught up in a situation where criminal sexual accusations are made against you, it is critical that you discuss the matter with a skilled Pennsylvania sex crimes attorney.

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Recently, a year-old man met a young woman and the pair began dating. After the relationship ended, it became clear that despite telling him otherwise, the female was under the legal age of consent in Pennsylvania, which is As an experienced Pittsburgh free Palmdale lady defense lawyer, Matthew Ness knows the impact a sex crimes conviction can have and fought hard to protect his client. This led to exhaustive negotiations with the prosecutor and due meet girl Fredericksburg VA his commitment to finding the best possible result, his client agreed to plead to a single charge that would not include any jail time and a reduced period of sex offender registration.

Instead, he would serve six months of house arrest and five years of probation. The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case.

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Case do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case. Recently, an Iraq war veteran and plumber from Erie, PA found himself in an extremely embarrassing and very serious legal dilemma.

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While staying at a hotel, the man was accused of offering money to a maid in exchange for watching as he pleasured himself. The police arrived and charged him with indecent exposure and to effectively and discretely handle the situation, he contacted Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer Matthew Ness. Attorney Ness tactfully discussed the incident with Gulfport MS laws on dating a concerned parties and successfully arranged to have his client participate in therapy as part of the ARD program, which requires 12 months of probation.

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This allowed his client the chance to quietly and quickly move on after a very awkward situation. In Pennsylvania, there are few criminal charges as serious as a sex crime. Ann Arbor for to meet example, the stakes could not have been higher for a year-old cab driver and recent citizen of the United States after a liaison resulted in rape and attempted murder charges. A few days later, he saw the same woman and offered her more money out of charity.

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The woman extended an invitation to her apartment, which he admitted to accepting because he had been felt free meeting space Champaign since his family was in Nigeria. When they arrived, it was nearly 11pm and he felt uncomfortable with the fact that her children were present.

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Ultimately, he expressed his concerns and left, suggesting that they go to his place. A short time later, the woman arrived at his residence and the two engaged in sexual activity. Afterwards, the woman had requested additional money, which he gave, thinking that he was helping out a new friend.

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Despite maintaining his innocence and claiming their encounter was consensual, the man was arrested and put in jail until eventually being released and placed under house arrest to await trial. Attorney Matthew Ness reviewed all of the free Montana age sex evidence and passionately advocated for his client at trial.

Furthermore, attorney Ness put forward that there was likely a cultural divide and his client unknowingly became involved with a woman, who may have been taking advantage of his generosity. After arguments ended, and due in large part to the fervent defense he received, the jury returned a not guilty verdict. The man was greatly relieved to finally be vindicated and was able to his life as a free man.

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A year-old woman from Chicago Hickory NC distance relationship dating traveling in the Pittsburgh area when she was charged with prostitution. She was ly arrested in Florida for the same charge and, therefore, was not receiving any favorable treatment from the arresting police officer.

Criminal defense attorney Matthew Ness represented the woman and fought aggressively against her prostitution charge, arguing that it was not worth labeling this young woman as a prostitute for the remainder of her life.

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The district attorney agreed to reduce her prostitution charge to a lesser offense of disorderly conduct. Our client received only six short months of probation, allowing our client to start over without a tarnished record as a prostitute. One night a year-old Tennessee man was charged with possession of cocaine and patronizing a prostitute in Allegheny County. His company had sent him here for about a year on business and left his wife at home.

The man got drunk dating someone from Hemet CA went on a joyride around town.

Along the way, he picked up a prostitute. Soon after, someone reported suspicious driving and activity. A police officer later pulled Olympia WA dating new over following the report. He found a small amount of cocaine in the driver side door. The officer continued his investigation and asked our client to identify the woman in the passenger seat. The man replied that she was a prostitute.

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Criminal defense attorney Samir Sarna represented the man at the preliminary hearing and had a strong argument romantic Topeka dates behalf of his client. Under that realization, the Commonwealth agreed to withdraw the prostitution charge. The client was probation without verdict eligible for possession of cocaine. The judge sentenced our client to six months of probation.

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At the six month mark, he can get an automatic expungement of his charge. After he pays off all probation costs in full, our client is also eligible to terminate the probation in three months rather than six. We are expecting him to get an early expungement. Case .