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The Singleton Ranches started in when Dr.

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Morrison lost his football scholarship due to a shoulder injury from a body-surfing accident, and landed a job in as a prop guy on the Fox studios lot.

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Living vicariously through movies starring actors like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Burt Lancaster was, and sometimes still is, a common practice for most people living in the cities and suburbs across the world.

Riding horses every day, fishing vast rivers and lakes, watching the sun rise and set over majestic mountains is only a mere mirage for most. Certain people have found incredible vacation destinations that offer folks the the hookup Yonkers NY ms to live out the life of a cowboy for a week and experience horseback riding, fishing, spectacular sunrises, and Fontana CA hookup more like the stars of movies and tv shows.

What is this incredible vacation destination you ask? The answer, dude ranches!


Dude ranch vacations were deed to allow people to indulge in Fremont CA dating only western lifestyle to experience the life of a cowboy. While these ranches make a fantastic vacation destination and have for over years, they also have served as film locations for many movies!

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Keep reading to see what DRA ranches have had movies filmed on their properties! The film was later remade in starring Tom Selleck and is still a popular movie amongst western enthusiasts today.

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Nestled in the Snake River Valley at the base of Jackson model dating Teton Mountain Range, the Triangle X Ranch made the perfect backdrop for many movies and tv shows throughout the years. Rancho de la Osa has been location to many old western films, one even dating back to !

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One very famous movie and actor filmed at Rancho de la Osa in This ranch is an iconic location, and hookup clearance Washington history of this ranch is amazing. White Stallion Ranch has been a filming location for 27 movies and 7 different tv shows throughout the years.

The ranch is made up of vast desert land with an ever-changing landscape.

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There is no doubt this ranch will continue to be a filming location for years to come! There are ranches that have also been used as film locations not related to the western genre.

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Another ranch used as a film location for a very popular movie was the Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch in Montana. Whether you are an old western movie fan or just want to go live the life like a cowboy in one of these movies or tv shows, a dude ranch us Rosa dating the perfect place for you.

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No matter where you choose to go, a western atmosphere and a step back in time to the Old West will be waiting for you! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Privacy Policy.

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Rancho de la Osa — Sasabe, Arizona Rancho de la Osa has been location to many dating over 60 Yonkers western films, one even dating back to ! White Stallion Ranch — Tucson, Arizona 34 movies and tv shows…wow!

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