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Some features of this site may not work without it. The insolence of the Filipinas: mothering nationalism, globalization, and literature. Services Full metadata XML. Title The insolence of the Filipinas: mothering nationalism, globalization, and literature. Authors Suarez, Harrod J. Issue Date Type Thesis or Dissertation.

Twin cities campus:

The turmoil would culminate in the Presidential Decreewhich authorized and institutionalized overseas employment as a state-managed program. Such financing is so critical for the national economy that Philippine presidents have hailed them as both "national heroes" and "overseas investors.

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If nationalism and globalization work in tandem to inscribe Filipinas as a transnational, maternal underclass, what is the ificance of texts that do not cohere with this inscription? My dissertation contends that in order to disrupt the authority of nationalism and globalization, which despite their differences collude to represent v Detroit dating employ Filipinas, one must destabilize those racialized, gendered, and sexualized representations.

The story represents the postwar Philippines as a gendered landscape, newly independent and luring Filipino men who have left for other shores to return--only to offend and threaten them, driving them back overseas.

While it explicitly negates the role of Filipina mothers, I draw on certain moments that reveal a more complex theorization free online chat Killeen TX gender and sexuality for both nationalism and global capitalism.

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The contemporary neoliberal consensus collaborates Tuscaloosa guy and black girl dating Philippine nationalism to produce Filipina-as-mothers as ideal subjects according to particular racial, gender, and sexual. This reading contributes to the genealogy of hetero-masculinist nationalism I trace within the chapter. As many scholars have analyzed and often reproduced, "revolution" has circulated as an "unfinished" discourse emerging from within anti-imperialist mobilizing in the Philippines.

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Not unlike both liberal and revolutionary nationalisms around the Brownsville TX or dating, the dominant character of such discourse has proven to be profoundly and constitutively heteropatriarchal. The mourning that is concomitant with the notion of an "unfinished" or "incomplete" "revolution" can thus be understood as a mourning and failure of native masculinities to protect their families, women, and land.

Building on postcolonial feminist critiques of nationalism as well as recent conceptualizations of the rhizomatic, biopolitical field of global empire, the chapter critiques nationalism not only for its unexamined heteropatriarchy, but also its potential obsolescence given the complicity of revolutionary and liberal Philippine nationalisms with global capital.

My second chapter, "Letting the Cat achresis Out of the Bag: Transnational Filipina Motherhood," re two texts that represent motherhood in distinct ways. In Eleanor Coppola's published diary of the filming of Apocalypse Now, the narrator aspires to overcome the inequality between her and her husband's professional work by conceptualizing an ambitious marriage dependent on imperialist strategies and settings.

Her writings probe the assertion of an empowered identity that, strikingly, only seeks that liberation in the Philippines; when returning to the national-domestic space, she appears content to return to her own national-domestic-maternal duties. Rizalina, the young Filipina mother of Jessica Hampstead Mobile cruising novel Dream Jungle, the second half of which fictionalizes the Apocalypse Now film production, distances herself from maternal, nationalist, and imperialist norms.

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In this way, she resists being recodified into a visible, legible, rational representation dating Kalamazoo MI female reproduces either Coppola's imperialist feminism or an equally unexamined nationalist feminism.

The terms of her liberation are not spelled out, but neither can one deny the happiness she claims; what can be specified is her obsession meeting girls in Plano a white tiger that is flown in for the film shoot. That cat, rather than a Filipina elder or Coppola's fictional counterpart, inspires Lina most of all. In doing so, Lina performs a catachresis on the production of racialized, gendered freedom. Even as Roley's novel stages an unannounced but noticeable homonationalism--which can be understood as a contemporary revision of the heteronationalism of Bulosan's novel--it is quickly rescinded back into a heteropatriarchal space.

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Neither narrator can liberate themselves on the grounds of masculinist identifications, whether heteronational or homonational. Whereas the masculine characters of both texts thus struggle in the attempt to speak for themselves, the mother in the second text recognizes the dilemmas representational strategies pose.

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Many characters try to speak for her, on her behalf, but she renders their attempts futile and does not aspire to represent herself. She rejects representations that interpret her as a redemptive figure for either national heteronormativity or globalization. Such a move does not mean she accepts invisibility; to black white dating San Antonio Texas TX contrary, her presence persistently disrupts the text and stymies its efforts at resolution.

We go beyond imaging.

The fourth and final chapter, "Learning Boston free chat rooms Listen: Nation, Film, and Children in Kidlat Tahimik's Mababangong Bangungot," re the eponymous film, which demands critical audiences who listen as well as they watch. In the film, an overprivileging of the visual aids and abets the film's masculinist nationalism, which is promoted as a liberatory alternative to globalization and imperialism. In this chapter, the visual pathos of the Filipina mother--neglected, then remembered, by her son after warning him of the seductions of the west--fails to complicate her identity, employing her strictly for the purposes of nationalist mourning.

That is, by nsa fun Kissimmee to the film, one can hear a moment of liberatory potential not in the service of heteronationalist global empire. Keywords Gender. Appears in collections Dissertations [].

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Description University of Minnesota Ph. December Major: American Studies. Advisor: Roderick A. Hampstead Haven cruising Citation Suarez, Harrod J. The insolence of the Filipinas: mothering nationalism, globalization, and literature.

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