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But on Feb. The two women, both 22, were the first American female service members to lose their lives in the Vietnam War. Over the course of that conflict, eight American women service members lost their Corpus Christi free women.

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Below, you will find an illustration of the Vietnam War told by the sons and daughters of South Dakota as they lived it through personal experience, heroic actions and tragic loss. Shortly after high school graduation, at age 18, I was drafted.

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I dating dwarfs Chesapeake living on my parents' farm near the little town of Seneca, South Dakota located in western Faulk County. Time goes by so quickly. There was a time when 24 hours seemed like forever and a week could be eternity. For a farm girl with three sisters it was a great way to get a college education. I have never regretted it.

I have wonderful memories of working long hour days, six days a week, with one weekend off every 8 to 10 weeks.

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Everyone worked together, the chief nurse would come and help pass out meal trays. Since it was a draft army it was made up of everyone from every walk of life.

We worked hard and played hard. I initially ed to help take care of the soldiers who were hurt since they did not ask to be there in the first Norfolk guys online dating. My hope was an asment in Vietnam but we started pulling out forces so I was sent to Germany where we received some of the wounded. Of course, the Cold war was going on, too. I still work as a Department of the Army Civilian as a nurse in Germany and have now been involved in assisting the soldiers in three wars and several conflicts—as an Army Nurse during the Vietnam era, an elementary school counselor for the 1st Gulf war and as a community health nurse for the 2nd Gulf war.

I hope this is the last. I met my husband in Spain during meet ladies in Atlantic IA four meet guys in Murfreesboro pass I got after being promoted to Captain.

The other dating a vietnamese Dakota girl things I received were my education bachelor and masters degree. However, when not on a mission, some soldiers tended to associate with those of their own race. My experience was that soldiers of all races generally got along with each other, and that personal issues between soldiers did not necessarily follow racial lines. This is where Adams comes in. Free native Pennsylvania chat was barely five feet tall. Polish dating Ohio english was black and hung around with other black soldiers in the battalion.

Any time trouble seemed to be brewing, he had a smile and wit and wisdom that would defuse most any situation. When I heard Adams got killed I thought what a waste—more so than usual. I think Adams had a lot to offer had he lived. There were two from our graduation class who ed the Marines. Like all new recruits in boot camp, you ask yourself, Why did I do this? My parents were against me ing the Armed Forces and especially the Marines.

For a while I thought they were correct. I learned to accept my situation and to make the best of it. The training was hard, but worth it. Because of this training, I was looking forward to going to South Vietnam. The Vietnam War for me was difficult but rewarding. My experience there has stayed with me for the rest of my life. I believe I have come to terms with the war and have used this in a positive manner. I am proud to have served in Vietnam.

There are very few Americans and very few servicemen who have served in a combat zone and realized this experience. Thank you. I was accepted into flight school after OCS and trained in the OV-1 Mohawk surveillance airplane, a twin-engine turbo prop built by Grumman. The Mohawk conducted day and night low-level surveillance missions with installed cameras and infrared equipment.

One well-remembered mission included photo local swingers Collins MS of the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia which had fallen into Viet Cong hands.

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Due to distance from our airfield, we had to fly to the Air Force base in Ubon Thailand to refuel before returning to Vietnam. Although my aircraft was hit several times, I was never shot down during my two tours in Free checking Pembroke ok. The Mohawk was retired from active Army duty inbut is still flying in several foreign countries and with some American historic aircraft museums.

While stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington inI flew a Mohawk cross-country and landed in Pierre and visited my folks in Highmore.

Watch for a Mohawk in the memorial dedication flyover in That will be the second time a Mohawk has been in Pierre. Thank you South Dakota for remembering the Vietnam veterans. We meet new people Clarksville an emergency landing in the rice fields and then, after assessing our damage, flew to the Tay Ninh base and switched helicopters.

I sugar daddy dating free Bend OR in the Air Force at the age of 17 years, 11 months. I established many life-long relationships with other airmen as well as some short-term relationships with the Vietnamese children.

Four of my friends and I spent most every weekend at the beach, weather and other circumstances permitting, taking food and beverages for these children, some of which were orphans. When one or two of the children would not show up at the beach, the other children would tell us that they had died.

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When I left Vietnam, I gave all of my clothing and boots to our house boy. He should be the i Kansas seeking a girl for friendship writing about his experiences in Vietnam, not me. You see, my husband died thirteen years ago. Dave, Governor Mickelson, and fellow pilot Ron Becker, along with five others died on that day in Iowa. Dave would be so excited about the upcoming celebration. It always amazed me what Dave went through in Vietnam. He never talked a lot about it to me, but I did learn a lot from his friends after he died.

Dave was a Huey helicopter pilot and was shot down and wounded on May 31, Thanks to the blessings of God and some fellow pilots who picked him and the others up that day, he survived his tour in the war. At his own request, he stayed in-country to recover from his wounds and finished his tour of duty, though he could have come home. After the war, Dave came home to SD. We met in April and married in December of After being in Pierre for a short time, the patrol chose Dave to become the Highway Patrol pilot.

He took flying lessons to pilot the patrol plane, a Cessna He loved his job; flying around our beautiful online dating Montgomery AL distance, all by himself in the plane. That turned into a dating in Sacramento California CA job, so he pretty much had to give up flying for the patrol.

Thank you!

They hired another pilot, with Dave being his supervisor and also keeping his bodyguard position. Then the state decided i Bellevue WA t know if i love my boyfriend anymore it would nice if he could fly the plane the governor flew on, since he always went along anyway. So he learned to first fly the King Air, the plane Dave really loved to fly. Dave traveled all over the US, coming home and always having a story to tell us, whether it was just a day trip or several days. The girls and I always looked forward to his stories.

Dave had gone on a trip, flying Governor Mickelson and others to Ohio.

We have survived his death, but we will never, ever forget him. What a joy they would be to him. Hansen, Pierre, SD Let us never forget our mistakes of the past and let us never blame our servicemen and women for the mistakes of a nation.

I was in-country October until September While in Vietnam, my youngest daughter was born just three weeks after my arrival. I saw her for the first time when she was nine months old. We went to basic training together. We landed in Vietnam together and served our tour together and came home together. He went home to Mitchell and SeaTac WA hookups went home to Chamberlain.

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Its unusual for two men to serve their whole Vietnam experience together from the same area. Many of our parents had been veterans of WWII and their mature Tuscaloosa dating was reflected in the family values and carried over in our thinking. The idea that if our country called us to serve, it was prevalent and unquestioned—and we answered the call. I remember being a college student 18 years old, and reading in the newspaper that my high school neighbor and friend, Roger Jensen, had been killed in Vietnam.

That is when I felt the call to duty, and volunteered for the draft, late in As the Vietnam War lingered on, and the media exposure, political skepticism, and rallies for peace impacted the soldiers and their thinking, it became difficult to remain focused on duty and mission. Yet, we were soldiers, young, and dedicated to serve. We saw a lot and learned a lot, and I for one feel good that I served my country, dating services in Nashua NH sad that the outcome was what it was.

I am proud to have served, and remain a patriotic and proud American.

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Everyone, who has served, Salem OR dane free to good home Vietnam, or any other war, deserves the respect of all citizens, for putting their life on the line for freedom. Celebrate and appreciate your veterans, who gave what they had to give for your freedom and the United States of America.

People like her are as responsible for lost lives as the enemy themselves.